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Good things with bad timing Oct. 13th, 2015 @ 09:30 pm
I'm up. Not awake up (although that too), but mood up. I don't know why. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. It's always surprising, though. Plenty of energy and motivation to do things - what's lacking is time. It's frustrating to want to dive into some project when I know I need to restrict myself to things that will help me calm down and get ready for sleep. It'd be so nice if this hit on a non-travel weekend, and I'd just bounce from one thing to the next in little bursts. At 36 hours in, I wouldn't be surprised if it disappears at any moment, and the chances of making it all the way to Friday evening are sadly low. Ah well, what can you do?

Pep talk Sep. 28th, 2015 @ 03:08 pm
You don't have that much left to do today. It's not even difficult. If you get it done today, you have a good opportunity to take a day off tomorrow. Surely that provides motivation? Damnit, stop messing with your phone and do the thing!
Current Mood: indifferentindifferent

6-month update Oct. 30th, 2012 @ 08:52 pm
Echeveria at 6 mo.
Echeveria at 6 mo.
Originally uploaded by Catrijn
In the spring, I bought some plants. They're not dead yet. I mean, they don't look super-terrific, but they're definitely not dead. That's a new record.

Also: didn't know that these grow up rather than enlarging at ground level x_x

The mind of leisure Jun. 21st, 2012 @ 10:17 pm
I've got vacation on the brain. I don't just mean time-off-work vacation, I mean big-organized-trip vacation. Today's flight of fancy was Science Ranch via Bad Astronomy. I would LOVE to do this - every bit of it sounds cool - but the timing is bad. Other days it's the Squam Art Workshops (via Yarn Harlot). Or perhaps a small-ship Alaskan cruise...
All of which is incredibly impractical, when disposable income should be funneled for a house down-payment in the not-too-distant future, and vacation days need to be saved for events and obligations already on the calendar. But still, the mind wanders. Maybe next year.
Current Mood: whimsical

Oh yeah! May. 28th, 2012 @ 10:05 am

Originally uploaded by Catrijn
I mean, they only took like 2.5 years to finish.
Other entries
» One thing leads to another

My two plants.

My two plants.

Originally uploaded by Catrijn
It all started with a miniature rose; the kind that are sold inexpensively and are essentially disposable once they finish flowering. That one didn't make it, for reasons that are probably my fault, but I did try. And it set the idea of pretty green things indoors in my head.

Which meant that I failed to resist a pretty little pot when I was at the hardware store for unrelated items. An empty pot lead to a trip to a local garden center. Which lead to a pair of plants and a bag of cactus & succulent potting soil far larger than necessary, but the smallest size sold. And a trip back to the hardware store for a matching pot.

All of which is to say, I now have a pair of plants in the south window in the bedroom, and I intend to keep them alive. Hopefully.
» St. Patrick's Day, non-traditional

Tidal basin at night
Originally uploaded by Catrijn
National Zoo. Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my. Giant pandas. Cloud leopard. Monkey sex. Orangutans overhead. Least ugly vulture I've ever seen.

Lebanese restaurant. Sampler platter. Careful not to burn your fingers hot-from-the-oven bread. A bottle of Guinness.

Cherry blossoms at sunset. MLK Jr. memorial. Dusk, and a cool breeze. Venus and Jupiter in the west. Mars in the east.

» Case of the blahs

Ekaterin slouch hat
Originally uploaded by Catrijn
I was eventually victorious over the hat.

Job search: completely overwhelming. I'm "overqualified" for positions I think I'd enjoy, and yet intimidated by and unprepared for the things I "should" be applying for.

Other: Tatooine is next up in Old Republic. I'm almost done with Persona, except for the fact that I apparently need to do tons of grinding. A paper that's been in variou stages of review for nearly a year was accepted - and not even that was enough to lift me out of my funk.

» Knitting FAIL
Actually, it's not so much the knitting I fail at, as the 'following directions' part. I think I'll have knit this hat five times over by the time I get the finished product I set out for.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we? I needed to make a hat for my sister for Christmas. I found a pattern and quickly cast on without swatching, figuring increased needle size and yarn weight would save me from my usual tight gauge problems. Half way through the hat, it became undeniable that the brim was too tight. I set the whole thing aside, and started over with even larger needles, a fresh ball of yarn, a few extra stitches, and a resolution to knit more loosely. This went smoothly. By the cast off, I was happy with the hat, although it was just a little loose. I said to myself, I can snug it up with a few minutes in the dryer once it is washed.

Which is how, on Christmas Eve, I found myself in parents' basement laundry room, swearing at a hat that rather than shrinking had grown by at least 30%. I spent much of the rest of the day trying to get it completely felted and down to a reasonable size. This was ultimately successful, although it completely obscured the cable pattern. The gift was presented wrapped in a towel, since it remained damp on Christmas morning.

It seemed at that point that the too-small half-finished hat would be perfect if I just finished and washed it. It set out to do just that, but ran out of yarn with 60 stitches left on the needles at the crown. The big hat had taken more than one ball, so I had less than a complete ball for the smaller one. I did the math, figured that I needed to skip 5 rows at the widest part of the hat, and ripped, ripped, ripped. I started to decrease again, and knit the whole crown of the hat, and got to the end with just a few grams left. At which point I said to myself the shape of the crown doesn't seem right...

Should I say at this point that I had done all this, from the first time I started the decreases, without checking the pattern? I apparently completely forgot the part about where I was supposed to switch from decreasing every other row to every row. And here's the kicker: I had enough yarn in the first place, if I'd only paid attention.

This hat will not beat me. Time to rip back and do it AGAIN.
» Zombie Update

Mean Green Socks
Originally uploaded by Catrijn
In my work, we sometime talk about the coming "data tsunami". I think it's hit me: 520G for my next project - and that's a compressed, binary format.

Playing around a bit with The Old Republic early access. Dennis will definitely be playing; I'm not 100% decided so far. Kaas City server, Republic faction if anyone's interested.

Have I shared the saga of the Bayerische Socks of Death? Started these nearly two years ago. I am currently contemplating ripping back most of the foot for sock 2. Which is really more like sock 3, at this point. Would I really do it? Not while I have last minute Christmas knitting, at least.

Let me say that although I am not a 100% selfish knitter, I am not compelled toward knitted wooly gifts like J00. I knit typically 1-3 gifts a year, and not all of them at Christmas. I only had one knit gift planned this time, and finished it weeks ago, so I thought I was all set. But I hadn't picked a gift for my sister yet, and then she specifically requested a warm winter hat, so last minute Christmas knitting it is.

Bonus tip for today: if you buy loose tea from the bulk section at the grocery store, don't store it long term in the plastic bags you bring it home in. Yes, this is completely obvious in retrospect. Blech.

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